SlantView Plan


The SlantView analytics package transforms your SlantRange sensor measurements into valuable new classes of agricultural data. Highly efficient computer vision and learning algorithms enable these powerful tools to deliver your data on-site within minutes, virtually anywhere in the world, without need for network connectivity.

Select a 6-Month or 12-Month plan below. All plans include unlimited processing, no per acre charges, no per map charges, unlimited installations, and free software updates.

SlantView Lite is a utility that simply allows you to export images for processing in 3rd party software tools. Images will be exported as radiometrically calibrated reflectance images, one for each band of the sensor.

  • Please enter the serial numbers of your sensor(s) here (separated by comma). If you do not have it handy, please enter 000 and email your serial number to when you have a chance.

    3p SN

    Enter the date you would like your plan to start. If you need to change your start date you can contact us at (858) 434-1037 or Your plan will auto-renew 12 months from your start date.


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